Whale Watch Sunday

Posted on: 9-9-2018

We had a fantastic day whale watching today off of Redondo Beach!! We ran into a pod of over 500+ Common Dolphin and over 1,000 Shearwaters all following a huge school of bait fish. These dolphins and seabirds led us into an even BIGGER pod of dolphin, along with a Humpback Whale!! 🐋 This big Humpback was taking quick dives (he would resurface every 2-3 minutes) and fluked frequently.

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (500), California Sea Lion (50), Humpback Whale (1)

Whale Watch Monday

Posted on: 8-27-2018

While out on our morning whale watch, we came upon a nursery pod of Common Dolphins! Many little babies were seen swimming and playing next their mothers, jumping into the air like mini torpedoes.

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200)

Whale Watch Thursday

Posted on: 8-23-2018

25+ Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin were cruising along the Redondo Canyon

Sightings: Bottlenose Dolphins (25)

Whale Watch Thursday

Posted on: 8-16-2018

Lots of bait fish, sea birds and common dolphin

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (500)

Whale Watch Friday

Posted on: 8-3-2018

Lots of Common Dolphin including nursery pods with lots of little babies.

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200)
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