Calm seas

Posted on: 3-5-2018

On Monday March 5th, we had calm seas and beautiful weather for our 10am whale watch. We started off by seeing 3 Gray Whales including 1 calf. After leaving those whales, we came upon a group of 1000+ Common Dolphin!

Sightings: California Sea Lion (50), Short-beaked Common Dolphins (1000), Gray Whale (3)

gray whales

Posted on: 2-11-2018

we saw 8 gray whales, 5 fin whales and tons of dolphin. we are smack dab in the middle of the gray whale migration. there are still more whales heading southbound than northbound so it looks like the season this year will be running longer than normal.

Sightings: Pacific White Sided Dolphins (100), Fin Whales (5), Bottlenose Dolphins (50)

Whales are back

Posted on: 7-9-2017

We saw 2 fin whales, a mola mola and a pod of common dolphins. Whle Watch trips will be departing Saturday and Sunday from 9am-11:30

Sightings: Sunfish (1), Short-beaked Common Dolphins (300), Fin Whales (2)

Dolphins and sea lions

Posted on: 7-8-2017

Our 45 minute boat rides had a great day seeing dolphins and sea lions today !

Sightings: California Sea Lion (50), Long-beaked Common Dolphin (300)


Posted on: 6-4-2017

1000s of common dolphin sighted today on one of our tours.

Sightings: Long-beaked Common Dolphin (1000), California Sea Lion (300)
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