Whale watch sunday

Posted on: 3-24-2018

We had two Gray Whales and two Fin Whales on our AM trip today. For the PM trip we had two more Grays - all heading Northbound!

Sightings: Gray Whale (4), Fin Whales (2)

Whale Watch Wednesday

Posted on: 3-21-2018

We had an incredible trip Wednesday the 21st. Despite the gloomy weather, we had some very brave passengers that came out with us and they were not disappointed! We found a group of 5 Gray Whales heading north, all of them fluking and coming up frequently. We also had some Common Dolphin mixed in.

Sightings: Gray Whale (5), Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200)

Whale Watch Tuesday

Posted on: 3-20-2018

Fin-tastic day on the Indian! We saw a local fin whale that came pretty close to the boat, surprising a few passengers. We also had two Gray Whales, about 200+ Common Dolphin and a few scattered Pacific White Sided Dolphin.

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200), Pacific White Sided Dolphins (25), Gray Whale (2), Fin Whales (1)

Whale Watch Friday

Posted on: 3-16-2018

Thankfully, the seas calmed down from yesterday and we were able to go on our search for Gray Whales. We were successful in finding 3 Grays, two that were paired up and being very shy and low-profile. The lone Gray Whale was a bit more comfortable being viewed- he/she fluked frequently and came very close to the boat. After looking around and not seeing any other signs of life, we decided to stay with this whale. We ended the trip with a visit to the Marine Mammal barge and saw over 50 Sea Lions hauled out and getting some sun.

Sightings: Gray Whale (3), California Sea Lion (50)

Whale Watch Wednesday

Posted on: 3-14-2018

Amazing day on the water!! We were surrounded by over 11 Gray Whales! Many were in pairs, breaching and rolling around together, some even showing mating behavior 💓

Sightings: Gray Whale (11), California Sea Lion (50)
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