Saturday March 10th

Posted on: 3-10-2018

Unfortunately our morning trip was cancelled, but despite the rain, we still ended up with 3 Gray Whales for the afternoon. We also had around 150 - 200+ Common Dolphin and Sea Lions. We will be running tomorrow even if it is raining, (the whales didn't seem to notice) as long as we have our minimum to go. Reserve your spot at and we'll see you out there!

Sightings: Gray Whale (3), California Sea Lion (50), Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200)

Whale Watch Friday

Posted on: 3-9-2018

Today we started off by seeing spread out groups of Common Dolphin, Sea Lions and Pelicans. We also found 4 Gray whales!

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200), California Sea Lion (50), Gray Whale (4)

Whale Watch Wednesday

Posted on: 3-7-2018

The ocean was like a lake today! We found 1 solo northbound Gray Whale along with some spread out Common Dolphin. We then had reports of other whales coming around the corner so we headed in that direction. With the water so calm, we easily spotted a group of 5 Grays!

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200), Gray Whale (6), California Sea Lion (25)

Gorgeous weather

Posted on: 3-6-2018

Another gorgeous day on the water! Five minutes outside of the harbor we found close to 2000 Common Dolphin feeding on a huge bait ball of sardines! Mixed in with the dolphin were sea lions, Pelicans and cormorants. We spent a good amount of time watching the birds diving and the dolphins swimming through the bait fish and eating. We then moved on to 3 Gray Whales! Two of the whales came pretty close to the boat, and one of these whales fluked frequently.

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (2000), Gray Whale (3), California Sea Lion (25)

Calm seas

Posted on: 3-5-2018

On Monday March 5th, we had calm seas and beautiful weather for our 10am whale watch. We started off by seeing 3 Gray Whales including 1 calf. After leaving those whales, we came upon a group of 1000+ Common Dolphin!

Sightings: California Sea Lion (50), Short-beaked Common Dolphins (1000), Gray Whale (3)
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