Whale Watch Thursday

Posted on: 4-19-2018

Windy conditions made sightings a bit difficult this afternoon, but we managed to find a pod of 200+ Common Dolphin! 🐬

We have a trip going tomorrow morning at 10am ~ you can pre-purchase your tickets online at rbwhales.com 🐳

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200)

Whale Watch Wednesday

Posted on: 4-18-2018

The windy weather finally cleared up and we went on the search for whales this morning. It was still a bit bumpy out there but our passengers were not disappointed. Captain Morgan found us a big Gray Whale that was on its migration north, along with a group of 50 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin! This specific group of Dolphin are well know off the Southern California coast by whale watch groups because of one dolphin in the group nicknamed Patches! Patches unusual markings are the result of a leucistic skin condition. He's been seen from San Diego to the Santa Monica Bay, for over 10 years!! Definitely a special sighting for our passengers today. 🐬

We have two trips leaving tomorrow - 10AM & 1:30PM - just meet us at least 15 minutes ahead of time to buy your tickets or you can pre-purchase them online at rbwhales.com 🐳

Sightings: Gray Whale (1), Bottlenose Dolphins (50)

Whale Watch Monday

Posted on: 4-9-2018

Beautiful day in the South Bay! Our whale watch started off with scattered Common Dolphin feeding on bait fish mixed with Sea Lions and a few different species of sea birds. We then had reports of some bigger creatures outside the Redondo Canyon and were surprised to find 2 Fin Whales - one of them we believe to be a calf! Not only is seeing a Fin Whale calf extremely rare, it's apparently also really hard to photograph. 😅
The mother was keeping a good distance from the boat, barely coming up to breathe before quickly diving back down. Not wanting to disturb the pair, we made our way back towards the harbor.

Trips depart daily at 10am. Reserve your spot at www.RBwhales.com 🐳

🔵 45 Minute Boat Rides are on weekends starting at 1pm til sunset. Tickets are available at the same dock as the whale watch trips. 🐬

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200), Fin Whales (2)

Whale Watch Tuesday

Posted on: 4-3-2018

2 Gray Whales
1000+ Common Dolphin

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (1000), Gray Whale (2)

Whale Watch Monday

Posted on: 4-2-2018

Calm seas made for a smooth ride on the Indian today. We saw so much life in the Santa Monica Bay! Tons of bait fish were being swarmed by Cormorants, Western Gulls and Sea Lions all feeding on the schooling fish. We continued to see this kind of action from the harbor to Rocky Point - where we were contacted by our local whale spotters on the cliffs at Point Vicente Interpretive Center about a couple whales that had passed by. We located the first 2 whales and then found 3 more! So big thanks to the volunteers for their eagle eyes and letting us know!

🔴 Trips depart daily at 10AM. Reserve your spot at www.RBwhales.com 🐳

🔵 Our 45 Minute Boat Rides will start weekends at every hour from 1pm to 6pm.

Sightings: Gray Whale (5)
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