Whale Watch Wednesday

Posted on: 1-2-2019

Another great morning out on the Pacific ocean! Captain Morgan found us 3 southbound Gray Whales! One of these whales was very large, and could've been pregnant! 💙
Gray whales typically migrate south from Alaska to Baja to breed and have their babies in the warm coastal waters. We might see this whale again with her offspring making the trip back up north in the upcoming months 😍🐳
We also had about 10-12 Coastal Bottlenose Dolphins 🐬

Our next trip is at 10am tomorrow morning, so book your spot online at rbwhales.com !

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Sightings: Gray Whale (3), Bottlenose Dolphins (11)

Whale Watch Tuesday

Posted on: 1-1-2019

1 gray whale and 50 common dolphin

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (50), Gray Whale (1)

Whale Watch Monday

Posted on: 12-31-2018

The Humpback that we saw on both trips yesterday decided to end 2018 by visiting us on both trips today as well! Our passengers were incredibly lucky to watch as this Humpback played with Common Dolphins and a few sea lions, circling the boat and coming very close to the boat.

We hope you have a safe and happy new year and hope to see you out on the water with us!

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Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200), Long-beaked Common Dolphin (200), Humpback Whale (1)

Whale Watch Sunday

Posted on: 12-30-2018

Awesome day out on the Santa Monica bay! With a report from Captain Eric on the sportfishing boat Redondo Special, we located a Humpback Whale with some Common Dolphins. We stayed with this whale for most of the trip as it traveled along the Redondo Canyon. In the afternoon, we found the same Humpback with even more Common Dolphin, along with feeding sea lions, Shearwaters and Gulls! This whale seemed to be feeding on bait fish, while escorted by a few playful dolphin.

First trip leaves tomorrow at 10am! Rbwhales.com to book online and save your spot for the last rides of 2018!!

#redondobeach #whalewatching #humpback #dolphins #visitredondobeach #redondopier

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (200), Humpback Whale (1), California Sea Lion (75)

Whale Watch Saturday

Posted on: 12-29-2018

Scattered pods of pacific White-sided, common and Bottlenose dolphins

Sightings: Short-beaked Common Dolphins (20), Pacific White Sided Dolphins (25), Bottlenose Dolphins (2)
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