Whale Watch Monday

Posted on: 2-11-2019

Sightings: Pacific White Sided Dolphins (25)

Whale Watch Saturday

Posted on: 2-9-2019

Wow!! Another epic day of whale watching in the South Bay! Our lucky passengers got to witness 3 Gray Whales showing "courtship behavior" as they rolled and splashed around the boat, coming as close as 20 feet from us! These whales were very active - two whales stayed together while the third milled farther behind. This third whale eventually led us back to the pair to join in on the fun. While these whales were busy with each other, a few Pacific White-sided Dolphin decided to check them out 😊 On the way home we ran into 2 more southbound Gray Whales, for a total of 6 whales for the day! We also had the "trifecta" meaning three different species of dolphin were spotted - Bottlenose, Common and Pacific White-sided. 🐬 If you were out on the boat with us today we would LOVE to see and pictures or video you got! Just tag us 🐳 Next trip is at 10am tomorrow - weather permitting. Book online at rbwhales.com #redondobeach #whalewatching #graywhale #dolphins #visitredondobeach #southbay

Sightings: Pacific White Sided Dolphins (25), Long-beaked Common Dolphin (20), Gray Whale (6), Bottlenose Dolphins (5)

Whale Watch Thursday

Posted on: 2-7-2019

With the weather finally giving us a break, we headed out into calm seas with a great group of passengers. Thanks to the lookouts at the Point Vincente Interpretive Center a part of the American Cetacean Society - Los Angeles Chapter (ACS/LA), we were able to locate 4 southbound Gray Whales! 💙 Without these volunteers, we would have a very hard time spotting whales just on our own, so we cannot thank them enough!! If someone in your group would rather watch the whales from shore, this is the perfect place to take them. They have informative guides for shore-viewing and even a small museum about our coastline & local wildlife. The Point Vincente Interpretive Center is located at 31501 Palos Verdes Dr W, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 Thank you for all your hard work throughout the Gray Whale season! 🐳 Our next trip leaves at 10am tomorrow, so book your spots online at rbwhales.com ! #whalewatching #redondobeach #graywhale #southbay #pvic #pointvincente

Sightings: Gray Whale (4)

Whale Watch Tuesday

Posted on: 1-29-2019

Wow! What an awesome morning! We had a total of 7 Gray Whales (southbound) with 2 of them showing courtship behavior! 💙🐳 While these Gray Whales usually breed and give birth in the lagoons of Baja, we occasionally see them "getting frisky" along the way down (and sometimes during the northbound migration). Along with the Gray Whales we had a few pods of scattered Common Dolphin throughout the bay. Next trip is tomorrow at 10am, come on out with us before the weather changes ! 🌧🌧 Tickets are available at rbwhales.com 🐳 #whalewatching #graywhale #dolphins #visitredondobeach #redondopier #whales

Sightings: Long-beaked Common Dolphin (100), Gray Whale (7)

Whale Watch Sunday

Posted on: 1-27-2019

Sightings: Pacific White Sided Dolphins (10), Long-beaked Common Dolphin (200), Gray Whale (3), Bottlenose Dolphins (3)
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